Small & Furry for Sale and for Adoption

I am Looking for a forever home for 2, 8 week old chinchilla kits. asking $100 firm.


The first piggy is Lily(gray and white)! She is absoultely energetic and loves to eat, especially celery! Lily loves to run around and when she sees you she tends to prop herself up on the bar of the cage and squeal with excitment. She is an loves to follow her sister gordies and play with her, they always play tag-a-war with the celery! The next piggy is Gordies! She is more quiet then Lily but loves her apples and runs around right behind her sister! She loves to be hand fed and will cuddle...


Mocha (silkie) and Bailey (short haired American) are both approx. 1.5-2 years old. They are bonded and have lived a life of luxury! I am looking for someone who will feed them veggies and adore them for 5 more years. They come with all their supplies: 2x3 C&C cage with loft, reusable fleece bedding, disposable bedding, food, hay, treats, water bottles, carrier, igloos, etc. They both have clean bills of health from the vet! They are a great first pet for kids, etc.


Female and male (neutered) platinum. Female 350. Neutered brother 100 with female.


1 Abyssinian mother pig of 2, 1 Ab girl and 1 American boy! None are spayed/neutered. Both girls could possibly be very recently pregnant, we're not sure. They're amazing little piggies, but we don't have the space or the time... we found mama pig on the sidewalk one day, brought her home, dove into learning about Guineas and came home one day to babies! So we've been taking care of them since. Just built a 2'x5' c&c for them, so that WILL come with them, as well as a small 1' x 2 1/2' to take t...


She is very loving and playful. She likes to walk around with you as you move around the house. Her ball is her favorite toy and could play with it constantly. She will cuddle with you after she is worn out. She enjoys being around people and does not mind strangers what so ever. She is wonderful, we just want her to be the happiest she can be! We will include her cage, water bottle, food bowl, and a few toys.


2 month old male ferret. Needs new home. Comes with cage, water bottle, food bowl, toys, etc. He is also neutered and de-scented.


Russian Blue hairless $40. Russian Blue $35. American Blues $25. Will take off $10 if buying 2 or more. Rats do better if they have a "buddy".


*I will meet within 30 minutes of VANDERGRIFT, PA. Do not ask me to deliver 5 hours from me, I will not. Please do not contact me if you are a child. Two baby boars. Boar 1 born 6/17/16 (first 4 pics) Boar 2 born 6/28/16 (last 4 pics) $75.00 each to a good home only. They need a large, one level cage (like C&C or midwest guinea pig habitat) to have room to run around in and fresh veggies daily in addition to their pellets and hay. I'll include some food and hay to get you started.


Hello I have some Guinea pigs looking for their forever homes! Dark Pink with Orange hair Skinny Female Born: 6/26/16 Pink with orange hair Skinny Female Born: 6/26/16 Orange with white Lakeland/Teddy Female Born: 6/26/16 Dalmatian Skinny Male Born: 6/26/16 Orange, Chocolate and White/Rainbow Lakeland/Teddy Male Born: 6/26/16 Orange with white Silky Female Born: 7/8/16 Black, White and Yellow Teddy Male Born: 7/17/16 Orange, White stripe down face Abby Male Born: 7/17/16 The Males are...