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It doesn't look like there are any Prairie Dog Small & Furry for Sale and for Adoption that match all of your small and furry animal search criteria. My Pets Cloud has a lot of small & furry listed for sale or for adoption on but some breeds/locations might be a rare find. You might get a better luck if you broaden your search.

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Sadly I don't have the time to take care of my girls. They are super sweet- love being held or walking around the floor. $75 for everything. Cage, food, hay, 3 female guineas, bag of bedding, bowls and water bottles.


I am looking for a new home for my mouse with her cage, running wheel, feeding cup, resting castle and water bottle.


2 Male Chinchillas a year in half year old in need of new home. They are brothers living in the same cage since birth. Please text or email if interested. Includes cage, food, toys, dust bath, dust and travel cage


My girl rat had her babies last month and I don't have enough time for my adult rats and 6 lil extra furballs of energy, so I need to find homes for them (not feeder rats, they are pets). Im asking $10 to make sure they go to good homes. Rats low maintenance and highly intelligent pets, you can even train them to use a litter box in their cage. They have all been handled and socialized since they were born so they're super loving and so* cute. If you might want one or know somebody who does, ple...


Approximately 3 month old male guinea pig. He is from a show quality line and is very healthy. He is tame and held every day, and has a friendly and active personality. Check out my show cavy page on Facebook, Cavy Got Back Caviary. Pick up ONLY.


Male & female infant sugar gliders will be ready for a foever home beteen May and June.


We have an approximately 3 year old chinchilla that my kids got for Christmas. They have lost interest in her and we would like to see her go somewhere good. We have a 5 tier cage on wheels, play/exercise ball, bed, water dispenser, food dish, and all the leftover bedding, food, powder.


Rehoming a male mouse under 3 months of age. He was the runt of his litter so he's small for his age. Timid but sweet and handleable! He would make a great solitary pet! $5 rehoming fee. Cash only, pick up only, bring your own carrier.


Six female mice, all between 2 and 4 months. Asking $5 per mouse (negotiable). Cash only, pickup only, bring your own carrier. 1 - Black self (excuse the food face), 2 - Yellow self, 3 - Black tan (show type cross), 4 - Satin yellow "wedged/blazed," 5 - Satin cream? (she's squinting because she doesn't like the lighting), 6 - Satin beige?


She is a mostly white mosiac with a black streak under one eye. I call her Running Mascara Girl. I don't know how old she is but I think she is around 7 months old. Selling her for a friend and fellow breeder who lost her battle with cancer. She is located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. She has not been handled much, in my opinion. She is not aggressive and has never tried to bite or spray me. She just prefers not to be held, at this time. That is normal for chinchillas, best to handle t...