Small & Furry for Sale and for Adoption

We purchased this fellow several months ago locally. His name is Mars and he is very sweet. My daughter really wants him to be re-homed to a place where someone will spend time with him. He loves to get in his hamster ball and get exercise every day. He comes with every thing that you need - a cage, food, and a hamster ball. We are willing to come down on the price. We just want to know that he is going to a good home. We will meet you at Athens Walmart.


I have rats still available for adoption. Males and females. They are all very friendly and playful (and don't run away surprisingly). They are white and pink-eyed. Please contact me if interested. There is a rehoming fee to insure good home. Available for pick-up at anytime Text is preferred


I currently own 2 male sugar glider brothers. They were given to me by a friend who got a dog and could no longer let them run loose. I am moving soon and need to give them away to responsible owners. I am asking for $500 total for both. Sold only as a pair. The sugar gliders are easy to bond with and have been very socialized with people. I am including a bonding pouch, cage, food dish, water, bottle, running wheel, and wooden hiding home. They are roughly 6 years old. They live 12-15 years so...


Baby Male Ferret for sale with Cage. I will also include food,litter,bowls,hammock and litter pan. He is De-scented and neutered.


Carlos -- Color: Hetero Beige -- Gender: Male -- Born: 4/46/2015 -- Total Price: $125 -- Deposit: $62.50 ---------- Noel -- Color: Hetero Beige -- Gender: Male -- Born: 12/25/2015 -- Total Price: $125 -- Deposit: $62.50


SSFC F23 (Male), SSFC F24 (Female), and SSFC F25 (Female) -- Color: Standard Gray -- Born: 12/26/2016 -- Available: 2/20//2017 -- Total Price: $75 -- Deposit to hold: $37.50 When contacting me, please mention which one you are interested in. (Ex. F24)


Bean -- Color: Standard Gray -- Gender: Male -- Born: 8/8/2015 -- Total Price: $75 -- Deposit: $37.50 ---------- Dash -- Color: Standard Gray -- Gender: Male -- Born: 10/12/2015 -- Total Price: $75 -- Deposit: $37.50 ---------- Sam -- Color: Standard Gray -- Gender: Male -- Born: 8/2/2015 -- Total Price: $75 -- Deposit: $37.50


I have 2 adult guinea pigs who have breed before and I am also selling their babies. Adult Male is Albino short hair and the Adult Female is white with gray spots. Their 2 babies, 1 male white with black and 1 female white with gray. I have 2 cages that can be bought with them. One one level cage (for 1 or 2 guinea pigs) and one two level cage (for 2 or 3 guinea pigs). Each guinea pig is $25, pair for $40, 2 level cage $60, one level cage $35. Yes the cages will come with the food dish and water...


I have a male chinchilla, his name is Frankenweenie or Mr. Weenie. He comes with all of his supplies and cage. He needs a good home where he can get attention. His cage is a large 3 story cage. We paid $200 for the cage by itself.


Hello I have some Guinea pigs looking for their forever homes! Pink/Orange Skinny Female born 9/4/16 Black, Orange & Pink Skinny/Werewolf Female born 9/4/16 Black with Orange nose Skinny Male born 9/4/16 Black and Orange American Female born 9/17/16 All piggies are friendly and healthy and used to being handled. I am a USDA licensed breeder. Skinny pigs $50 a piece Furry pig $20 I can not ship or deliver. I am located in Chaska Piggies only, no cage or supplies included. Email if i...