Small & Furry for Sale and for Adoption

So, after very careful consideration, I have decided it would be best to rehome my girls. I've owned rats for four years, and I've loved every second of it. I have loved every ratto that has been in my life, so so much, but I don't think my heart is in the right place right now to take care of five girls. Never did I think I would rehome any pet, and please don't judge me too much as I feel terrible about this. I know that there is someone out there who will give them the very best, and right no...


Sadly I don't have the time to take care of my girls. They are super sweet- love being held or walking around the floor. $75 for everything. Cage, food, hay, 3 female guineas, bag of bedding, bowls and water bottles.


Male & female infant sugar gliders will be ready for a foever home beteen May and June.


We have an approximately 3 year old chinchilla that my kids got for Christmas. They have lost interest in her and we would like to see her go somewhere good. We have a 5 tier cage on wheels, play/exercise ball, bed, water dispenser, food dish, and all the leftover bedding, food, powder.


Six female mice, all between 2 and 4 months. Asking $5 per mouse (negotiable). Cash only, pickup only, bring your own carrier. 1 - Black self (excuse the food face), 2 - Yellow self, 3 - Black tan (show type cross), 4 - Satin yellow "wedged/blazed," 5 - Satin cream? (she's squinting because she doesn't like the lighting), 6 - Satin beige?


She is a mostly white mosiac with a black streak under one eye. I call her Running Mascara Girl. I don't know how old she is but I think she is around 7 months old. Selling her for a friend and fellow breeder who lost her battle with cancer. She is located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. She has not been handled much, in my opinion. She is not aggressive and has never tried to bite or spray me. She just prefers not to be held, at this time. That is normal for chinchillas, best to handle t...


A pair of ebonies, one light and one medium. They were born 2/11/17. Located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. The medium has been spayed, she developed a tumor in her uterus so the vet removed both. $600 dollars later, she has made a complete recovery and can now be kept with males or females. Asking $150 for the spayed girl. I knew I wouldn't get her medical bills covered, but I just couldn't put her down for something fixable. The sisters are best friends, and I would prefer for them to...


Hello I have some Egyptian Spiney mice looking for their forever homes! I have Males and females available. All are very friendly and used to being handled. They enjoy running on a wheel. They do best in pairs or groups as they get lonely alone. Regular mice can be jumpy and hard to handle, Spiney's enjoy being pet and hanging out. I am USDA licensed as these are considered an exotic pet. Email if interested. Located in Chaska I can not ship or deliver. (there was a bully in the group so a f...


Sadly, I have become too busy with my new career to continue my small hobby breeding of my gliders. Chip shady and Popple are an incredible breeding pair who produce all types of color variations including the most beautiful white mosaic joeys. Currently, Popple has two joeys in pouch and I would like to get them to their new home as soon as possible so she is comfortable before the joeys come out of pouch. Chip shady was born on 9/18/2013 and has incredible lineage. He is silver belle platinu...


I have 2 Baby Female Guinea pigs available! If you are interested please message me 1rst one was born on Born 5/19/2017 and is ready to leave on 6/9/2017 2nd one was Born 5/21/2017 and is Ready to leave 6/11/2017 I will also have an updated Video but in order to see the video check out my group at April's Guinea pigs for sale in central Pennsylvania. Also feel free to message me at April Jeremy Brown Would love if they could both go together if possible as they do better in groups! I take go...