Reptiles for Sale and for Adoption

Emperor Scorpions And Other Kinds Of Reptiles Animals For Sale. Contact me via 325 261- 0258 for more info.


Gizmo is approximately a two year old female Iguana who needs a new home. She has been handled and is easy to control, but needs more work to tame her down. This picture shows Gizmo from about a year ago. She is approx. 3 feet long now.


I have two African Black Plated lizards I'm trying to rehome. I am just not finding the time to try to gentle these guys (girls? Not sure of gender!). They are extremely non-aggressive animals--never try to bite or gape when handled. But they need regular handling to tame them, and I do not have the time. I've had the lizards for about a year and I believe they were at least a year when I purchased them. They eat mostly mealworms and crickets, though they'll welcome a very small pinkie mouse now...


These Aquatic turtle. 4inch long. very friendly.Both are female. Also very healthy


2015 babies have arrived. I have hypos, red group salmon pastels, jungles, hypo jungles. prices start at 75 and go up from there


Gorgeous Bush-Master Snake For Sale ,Text at (301) 541-3824 for more details