Reptiles for Sale and for Adoption

We have some perfect captive-bred Burmese Pythons for sale at unbeatable prices. Text @ (702) 703 x 4919


Looking for a good & loving home ASAP for my pastel ball python. He is approximately 5yrs old. Very docile unless hungry or during feeding time. Eats 2 hoppers or 1 adult mouse in a feeding, FROZEN ONLY. Eats sometimes once a week or every other week. Healthy & has beautiful markings!!! Comes with large tank (18" wide x 3" long x 17" high), locking screen lid, large cave hideaway, log hideaway, artificial plants, bedding, thermometer, water dish, like new duel Zoo Med night/day light fixture (wi...


i have 6 babies all female no trades unless it is for male leopard geckos elbino or diablo or other morph color males cash only i will consider payment options but i will hold the baby till its paid. 4 traditional color $75 2 orange color $100


Everything is in good condition and fully functional. The bearded dragon is nearly fully grown and is about 14-15 inches long.


Hi I am looking to sell or trade a female sub adult/adult veiled chameleon. I will trade for a baby or sell for 100. She has never been bred. I am looking for something with a more friendly personality as she is more of a outside show chameleon due to her not wanting to be handled very much


I have two Western Painted turtles for sale. One is Medium size and the other is smaller sized. They are about a year and a half old and very much loved by myself and our family. They are both very sociable, loving and have been handled often without ever biting, in fact they loving to held. Their names are Michelangelo and Donatello. They are our family pets that we unfortunately can no longer keep due to our new lease. I would prefer to sell them together, as they have been raised together, b...


2 yr old Ball Python - with 40g tank and all heaters and lamps - full set up for sale - located in Richmond IL. Very healthy - eats fuzzies - fed outside of home, very tame - approx 3 1/2 ft long.


I have a two year old Bearded Dragon named Ned and a 3 year old corn snake named Simon that need a new home. I am no longer a science teacher and my apartment is way too small for them! Tanks, lights, bedding, and whatever food I have will be included. I also have an extra tank that I will throw in! They can go together or seperately. 50 each or 100 for both.


Desert Tortoise Male for Available.for more pics and details text us (432) xX 360 X 3548


I have an Australian crested gecko that I must rehome today and am asking for $40 to cover the cage, lights, crickets, etc.