Reptiles for Sale and for Adoption

Medium sized turtle. Comes with 10 gallon tank, lamb, light bulb, food, filter, rocks, plastic plants, and water heater.


Had it for over 15 years, can't take care of it anymore....Great health, only eats romaine lettuce, and is possibly female.


Healthy Baby Leopard Tortoise available Sms for more information and pics @ (804) 557 x 0630


NEEDS GOOD HOME ASAP. I am in college now and no longer able to take care of my pet iguana . I have had her for about 4 years now and she is around 3FT long. The custom built cage is about 71x42x24 (measured form outside of cage). the cage comes with 1 double heat lamp,4 single heat lamps (2 are just heat no light) and 1 uvb lamp. Cage also comes with 2 watering bowls, food dish,fake rock cave and 1 face plant. Floors are covered with Artificial Reptile Grass mats.


7 month old Female Leather back Bearded Dragon (named Mushu) comes with a 40 gallon tank, Cricket Keeper, Healthy Habitat Spray (for cage freshness-- It is safe for bearded dragon can be sprayed directly on them), Well used moonlight, 8 outlet timed extension, Full decor ( A large ceramic tree, Large feeding dish, Large Water dish, 2 small feeding/watering bowls, one medium dome, 2 Christmas tree decorations, 2 ceramic cactus's, 3 plastic plants, 1 large grey stone, 1 brown cage mat and 1 reptil...


Two Ball Pythons; 1 female, 1 male 40 gallon tank Heat Strip Habitat accessories These snakes need a home where they will be spoiled and handled as much as they deserve.


We have some captive-bred White Albino Reticulated Pythons for sale at the lowest price around. Text for more information now (804) 557 x 0630


Checkout some of our beautiful captive-bred Cherry Head Red Foot tortoises for sale at the internet's lowest prices. Text for more info anytime (804) 557 x 0630


We have some ultra rare captive bred Parson's chameleons for sale. Text for more information at (804) 557 x 0630


Gentle, friendly 8 year old young adult male Leopard tortoise, (approx 9-10"L). He is social and has a lovely personality. Unfortunately I can no longer keep him under my care, so I am looking for a home experienced with his needs as an African desert tortoise. He will come with his indoor set up for when it is too cold outdoors (kiddie pool, hideaway, heat lamps, dishes, and hay), his supplemental food, and his aloe plants. (However, he requires a spacious, safe, enclosed outdoor set up). Pleas...