Reptiles for Sale and for Adoption

Juno is a year and half old female veiled chameleon. I bought her while I lived in California and had many feeder stores in close proximity to give her the nutrition that she needs. However, when I moved here, to Colorado, that all changed and it is becoming too difficult to travel the distance to get her feeders and having to order them is not ideal. Her habitat includes a monsoon misting system, an extra large cage with LED touch 3 option touch lighting, basking lamp, UVB light, live ficus tre...


Long corn snake. He's very hyper and loves to wrap around your wrist and go in between your fingers! He's also a great eater and likes to show off his skills! He's skinny but has a big appetite! HE COMES WITH CAGE AND ALL ACCESSORIES!!! MUST GO ASAP!


male super pastel ball python! One years old. VERY melo and loves to be held! He's also a great feeder and his colors make him stand out and very beautiful! - HE WOULD COME WITH CAGE AND ACCESSORIES!!! MUST GO ASAP!


Pastel ball python! She's an enormous girl and loves to eat! She is very laid back and will wrap around your arm while being held. She's very calm and has beautiful colors. - - SHE'LL COME WITH CAGE AND ALL ACCESSORIES!


I need to rehome my turtle. He is a young Common Musk Turtle, about 3 1/2 inches long, and will only grow to about 4 inches. I have had him for a couple years, pretty low maintenance and makes an interesting pet. Included with the turtle is a 20 gal. tank complete with gravel, artificial plants, two rocks, a decorative bridge, and a basking dock. Also included is a working pump filter with accessories, a heat lamp, a UVB lamp, and food. All of this is more than $300 value, asking an adoption fee...


His name is Theo. He is 2 years old and almost fully grown (about 3 feet). He is a beautiful animal, very calm, has never struck at me or anybody else. I am selling him along with the cage (3' X 17.5" X 15"), heat lamps, climbing trees, water bowl, shelter, temperature and humidity gauges, and extra bedding.


Two corn snakes complete with tank, light and accessories. They are 7 years old and healthy. One is white and the other orange.


Scarlett is a Larger Turtle about Six years old. She is Very friendly and Active. She loves to do little yoga moves on her platform and it almost looks like she's planking. She loves to swim around and follow you when you walk by. She loves her greens and turtle food. Most of all she loves sun bathing. She really does have her own little personality and I am going to be moving to my first apartment soon and will not be able to bring her along unfortunately. She is Included with her Tank witch i...


Hi, I'm looking to sell my lovely red eared slider turtle, Lana. She's about three years old and healthy. She comes with a 30gal tank, turtle topper basking platform, two filters, food, accessories for her tank, a basking light, and more. I really want to give her to a good owner, someone who has the time to care for a turtle. I'm selling her because I don't have enough time due to work and school. She is a great turtle and just wants to get fed and swim around a little. Please email me your ex...


We're looking to rehome our 4 bearded dragons. They each have their own 4x2x2 "Animal Plastics" brand enclosure with high end UV / heat bulbs. Very nice setups... we would like them to go to someone who really cares for reptiles. Their blaptica dubia roach colony would be included as well.