Reptiles for Sale and for Adoption

We are parting with our 2 Rankin Dragons - smaller cousin of the Bearded Dragon. They are great pets. Sociable, great with kids, and would make a great Christmas present. The tank, lights, and accessories are all included. These rare lizards normally go for about $175-$200 each. They are both 2 yr old males (brothers) who have been together their whole life.


We have some baby green iguanas. There is no telling what a gender is, you can not tell for sure on iguanas until they are closer to a year old. We are asking 20 each for them. For more info just text us at 217 825 zero six seven zero for pics and info on them. We are located just outside of taylorville, it's pickup only for them.


We have a male and a female African fat tailed gecko. We are asking 40 each for them. For more info just text us at 217 825 zero six seven zero for pics and info on them. We are located just outside of taylorville, it's pickup only for them.


I'm looking to find a good home for my leather back bearded dragon Maze. Includes 20gal tank and all items inside.


I'm currently looking for a good home for my bearded dragon Lilo. She's a year old and very gentle. She has been handled by both my self and my two kids (6 and 3 years old) and has never bitten. I occasionally allow her to roam around freely and she eats pretty much any bug that might be in the home. Her diet consists of veggies, fruit, and the occasional bugs. Asking for $150 for her plus tank and accessories.


Two and a half year old motley boa male I am selling because I am moving very soon. I am asking $200 for the snake but will sell him, his tank, and decor for $500 (obo). This snake is a good size, he eats well, healthy, and has been handled regularly


Young female hog island boa. Great low maintenance pet. One and a half year old female. She is handled regularly, eats well, and healthy snake in good body weight. Asking $200 for the snake but if the anyone wants the whole setup i am selling the snake, tank, lamps, decor, heat pad, and automatic mister for $400. The tank is 55 gallon.


I am willing to negotiate the price slightly OR make a trade. Please email/call/contact me with ANY and ALL questions. This is a 2-year old, 40 gram Crested Gecko who is READY to breed if that's something you're interested in, but also makes as a wonderful pet for children and adults alike. He's extremely easy to handle and is very tame. Additionally, he's friendly and pretty funny at times as well. I initially bought him as a my very first reptile, and have fallen in love since. My dad wasn't...


Super human friendly female tremper albino Lepoard geko no red eyes beautiful little lady. She is 3 years old with absolutely no health problems. Only issue we have is that she doesnt get along with my other two lgs. Bought her for 125 at whole sale aquariums asking 75 obo or trade for a ball python no normals please.. Shoot me a message if intetested.


Juno is a year and half old female veiled chameleon. I bought her while I lived in California and had many feeder stores in close proximity to give her the nutrition that she needs. However, when I moved here, to Colorado, that all changed and it is becoming too difficult to travel the distance to get her feeders and having to order them is not ideal. Her habitat includes a monsoon misting system, an extra large cage with LED touch 3 option touch lighting, basking lamp, UVB light, live ficus tre...