Reptiles for Sale and for Adoption

Hello! I am selling my 5 yr old male ball python. He is a proven breeder and about 3 ft long. He is used to being handled and eats about 1 medium rat every two weeks (ish). He is a 'Super Queen Bee' - which refers to the 4 different varieties he has in him. I know for sure he has Spider and Enchi. I will also be selling him with his enclosure, this includes: * Tank: With latching front and latching lid (Exoterra) * Hide * Lights: Day and night lamp with clamping domes * Water bowl will...


Three Royal Pythons for sale....2 males,1 female (Can also get them separately). Included in price, enclosure, heating lamp, water ball, hiding log, reusable bedding, as well as hands on instructions on handling and care if needed. Can reach up to 6ft and live up to 30 years in captivity. Any extra detail or questions feel free to ask. $400 - Male 3ft, 5 inches in circumference $300 - Female 3ft, 3 to 4 inches in circumference $160 - Male 24 to 32 inches (Morph/lime yellow green)


Selling the following to a good home: 2 Red-eyed Crocodile Skinks 1 White Dumpy Tree Frog Aquarium with section for water and fish Wooden Aquarium Stand Moonsoon mister Waterfall / water filter Live plants and aquarium decoration UV light Heat Lamp


1 year old bearded dragon for sale. He is use to being handled by a child. He will come with a tank, heating and daylight lamps, a heating rock and dry food that will last a month or so


I have a beautiful ball python that I've had for quite some time. He's friendly and has been in great care since I got him. We recently ran into a housing issue and need to let go of the little guy even though I really don't want to. He comes with a 30 or 40 gallon tank, an almost completely full bag of mulch, a water bowl and a hiding rock that he loves to curl up under and on top of. There's a heating pad on the bottom of the tank that I just recently installed. I want to find him a good home...


Coastal Rosy boa babies for sale, born in Sept 2016, eating live and frozen pinkies, soon fuzzies. I live in Dulzura, willing to meet you in El Cajon. Must have at least a 10 gal secured tank, heat rock, aspen or coconut shavings are my fav, water bowl and a hidey spot for him. Males, no females.


Selling my Bearded Dragon 4 months old, very friendly. I am going away soon so i cant take care of him anymore. He need a new home. I only ask for 70 $ including shipping fee. Paypal only. Send as buying item that way we can protect ourself from scam... Or local pick up. Note: i also have another 8 months old male Bearded, if you buy 2 it will be 120$


We have some beautiful baby red foot tortoises in stock. These little red foots have vibrant color on their bodies and shells. contact us at 202xx670xx2407 for any inquiries..


We have a few remarkable Forest Hingeback tortoises for sale at really low pricing. This moderately-sized species hails from Africa, where it feeds on vegetation and is an excellent swimmer. 202xx670xx2407 for calls or messaging..


We have some beautiful Yellow Foot tortoises for sale at the best possible online pricing..202xx670xx2407 for inquiries..