Reptile Babies for Sale and for Adoption

Beautiful morphs! Ranging from hypo, trans, dunner, leatherback, and colors ranging from sand, tan, red, and orange. If there are any questions such as the [censored] of the babies let me know. The prices vary from $135-$250 depending on the baby.


Ive had this paint turtle for almost a year now and its gotten to the point that, i cannot take care of it anymore


Baby Sulcata Tortoise for sale. Enclosure may be sold at $40. All prices are negotiable.


Baby bearded dragons for sale. About 4 months old. They are about 9 1/2 inches long. They get handled daily. I can hold them for you, untill a later date if paid in advance, such as for Christmas and birthdays. Dad is medium orange, mom is yellow. Baby colors vary. Some with more yellow or orange. If you contact me I can send you more pictures. They eat live dubia Roaches, crickets, fruit, and fresh romaine and spring mix daily, dusted with calcium and vitamins. Requires a tank, new UVB lighti...


About 7 mo old Comes with 20 gallon tank with lid, heating pad, bottom green pad. Day/night light.


Sweet girl maybe 4 mo old Comes with 20 gallon tank with locking lid, heating pad, log, water bowl, and bedding


Hi I have a bunch of tiny baby American Toads to rehome. They are $2.00 Each. They are very healthy, happy and active Little Froggies. American toads are very easy to care for. Please let me know how many you would like and I will meet you at my local Meijers Grocery store. I will NOT ship these little guys so please do not ask me to. Thanks for reading my ad and have a great day!


Coastal Rosy boa babies for sale, born in Sept 2016, eating live and frozen pinkies, soon fuzzies. I live in Dulzura, willing to meet you in El Cajon. Must have at least a 10 gal secured tank, heat rock, aspen or coconut shavings are my fav, water bowl and a hidey spot for him. Males, no females.


We have some beautiful baby red foot tortoises in stock. These little red foots have vibrant color on their bodies and shells. contact us at 202xx670xx2407 for any inquiries..


We have a few remarkable Forest Hingeback tortoises for sale at really low pricing. This moderately-sized species hails from Africa, where it feeds on vegetation and is an excellent swimmer. 202xx670xx2407 for calls or messaging..