Reptile Adults For Sale

Proven male. Eating frozen thawed hoppers 2 per week. Currently in brumation.


For sale pair of Savu Pythons 4 years old 3+ feet I’m going to college next year and I don’t have the time to dedicate to them. I’ve never bred them but they are male and female. Can include leftover frozen rats. Message for any questions 450 obo Don't be afraid to shoot me an offer (these snakes are worth it)


Hello! I am looking to sell my 3 year old, female, ball python. She is about 2 and a half feet long, but extremely muscular. She is a Firefly, and the pastel is a little strong, but she still has some pretty oranges in her. She is taking about 1 medium rat every two weeks and isn't used to be handled at the moment, but I have been taking steps to fix that. I will also be including the enclosure, which includes: * Tank, with latching front and latching lid (Exoterra) * Hide * Lights, day...


Hello! I am selling my 5 yr old male ball python. He is a proven breeder and about 3 ft long. He is used to being handled and eats about 1 medium rat every two weeks (ish). He is a 'Super Queen Bee' - which refers to the 4 different varieties he has in him. I know for sure he has Spider and Enchi. I will also be selling him with his enclosure, this includes: * Tank: With latching front and latching lid (Exoterra) * Hide * Lights: Day and night lamp with clamping domes * Water bowl will...


Three Royal Pythons for sale....2 males,1 female (Can also get them separately). Included in price, enclosure, heating lamp, water ball, hiding log, reusable bedding, as well as hands on instructions on handling and care if needed. Can reach up to 6ft and live up to 30 years in captivity. Any extra detail or questions feel free to ask. $400 - Male 3ft, 5 inches in circumference $300 - Female 3ft, 3 to 4 inches in circumference $160 - Male 24 to 32 inches (Morph/lime yellow green)


1 year old bearded dragon for sale. He is use to being handled by a child. He will come with a tank, heating and daylight lamps, a heating rock and dry food that will last a month or so


I'm currently looking for a good home for my bearded dragon Lilo. She's a year old and very gentle. She has been handled by both my self and my two kids (6 and 3 years old) and has never bitten. I occasionally allow her to roam around freely and she eats pretty much any bug that might be in the home. Her diet consists of veggies, fruit, and the occasional bugs. Asking for $150 for her plus tank and accessories.


Two and a half year old motley boa male I am selling because I am moving very soon. I am asking $200 for the snake but will sell him, his tank, and decor for $500 (obo). This snake is a good size, he eats well, healthy, and has been handled regularly


I am willing to negotiate the price slightly OR make a trade. Please email/call/contact me with ANY and ALL questions. This is a 2-year old, 40 gram Crested Gecko who is READY to breed if that's something you're interested in, but also makes as a wonderful pet for children and adults alike. He's extremely easy to handle and is very tame. Additionally, he's friendly and pretty funny at times as well. I initially bought him as a my very first reptile, and have fallen in love since. My dad wasn't...


Juno is a year and half old female veiled chameleon. I bought her while I lived in California and had many feeder stores in close proximity to give her the nutrition that she needs. However, when I moved here, to Colorado, that all changed and it is becoming too difficult to travel the distance to get her feeders and having to order them is not ideal. Her habitat includes a monsoon misting system, an extra large cage with LED touch 3 option touch lighting, basking lamp, UVB light, live ficus tre...