Rabbits for Sale and for Adoption

I have a female bunny she is Holland lop mixed with dwarf. She is such a sweet bunny. She loves to be petted. She loves my 5 children. She loves to be out of her cage. I'm sad I have to rehome her she just don't get the attention she needs. She's like 6months. I got her when she was 10 weeks old. There is a rehoming fee of $100 to make sure she goes to a good home. She will come with cage, and everything in her cage plus her food and whatever bedding I have left. Pick up beaver dam **serious i...


"Hotchner" or as I like to call him, Hotchie, is an extremely sweet, friendly, cute little guy. He was born on Valentine's Day. He would be perfect for breeding or would enjoy being a kid's pet also. He loves attention and carrots and doesn't fit in with my rabbitry.


Born in March, have pedigrees. The buck is $25, doe is $15. She has a dental issue. Her teeth grow too fast so they must be trimmed every 6 weeks or so. She is super sweet and friendly. Doe is second pic.


Litter of Flemish available after October 8th.. 3 bucks and 5 does to choose from...