Cats For Adoption

Looking for Munchkin kitten, 6 - 12 weeks old. Color not important, as long as she is weaned and healthy. She would be pure house cat, no outside at all, too many predators, especially raptors. Neutered would be nice, but I will take care of that if necessary. Must be willing to negotiate on price, I may have to pay in installments.


Luxury scottish fold kittens are very affectionate and playful!!! They are vaccinated and dewormed. Love people and kids! We commit to healthy and quality reproduction as well as outstanding customer service and experience. We raise kittens in a loving home environment ensuring they get enough of attention and care. (for more details and pics text via) text via (424) x (391) x (8312)


This little lady, "Elik", seems, to grow in beauty as each day passes. Her fur, is so soft to touch, and is getting much thicker and longer too. She too, is another very affectionate kitten,wanting to sit with you, and she loves to be brushed. She is so gentle, even when she plays, and very "lady like", when she eats. (un-like others, I do not wish to name). contact for more details 361 xx 879 xx 1578