Cats for Sale and for Adoption in Florida

Our kittens leave for their new homes with copies of both their parents' DNA tested PKD and PRA certificated. We do not simply give you our word that ur kittens are free of these genetic diseases, we provide hard proof. My committment to providing this information has come from personal experience. On two occasions, I ahve taken two different breeders' words (GCCF registered breeders) that their cats were genetically clear.


Gorgeous kitten 4 months of age, Born inside and never been outdoors Exotic Breed, loving and affectionate by nature, Fully trained to be among people and other animals She is inseparable to an 8 months old petite Kitten, this other Female Cat is also very Loving she is full grown and is barely 4 lbs, both cats are very loving , the 8 months cat is 100 fee and can be adopted separate see last photo, that is her actual size, very small and light weight, super sweet In Person you can appreciate...