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There are no American Shorthair Cats for Sale and for Adoption

It doesn't look like there are any American Shorthair Cats for Sale and for Adoption that match all of your cat search criteria. My Pets Cloud has a lot of cats listed for sale or for adoption on but some breeds/locations might be a rare find. You might get a better luck if you broaden your search.

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fully vet checked, vaccinated and microchiped. Ready to leave as from the 10th of January. Canadian Sphynx babies. Available for reservations and as pets only. Five babies are looking for their forever loving home. From health tested parents. Full pedigree.


Beautiful litter. father golden from Germany. will have bright green eyes. 2 girls and two boys. Taking deposits presently. These guys are only 4 weeks old in pictures. Can leave my home 8 to 9 weeks depending on how well weaning process goes. Accepting deposits now.


Beautiful seal lynx point male kitten for sale. He is registered in CFA and TICA, and I will be showing him until he goes to a new home. He has beautiful coat and eye color, good weight, and a playful personality. I don't want to keep another male at my house, but he is too pretty to not show until he goes to a new home. His name is Caesar. He has all of his shots and is healthy and active. Photos by Helmi


The Safari cat is a hybrid of the wild breed (Geoffroy Cat) to a domestic cat, we prefer the Tica approved Egyptian Mau, Currently I have a few F2 kittens from our two F1 mommies, Saphira & Pebbles, they were bred to an Egyptian Mau stud for lovely F2 babies! Our kittens range from $2500 to $9000 each depending on sex, color, type, etc...


Kandi is one of the three kittens I have currently available from her litter, Cfa registered, 4 months old, very sweet, lovely silver with no tarnish. We do ship when necessary, we have been raising & showing Egyptian Maus for over 18 years now. Our Maus are world wide!


We are offering a very sweet, well socialized and beautifully marked purebred Seal Tortie Point Ragdoll female kitten that is ready to join your home right now. She has mesmerizing dark blue eyes. All vaccinations and wormings as well as a healthy kitten exam has been performed by a licensed veterinarian. She also come with a 2 yr health guarantee written into her purchase agreement. She is TICA registered. Her date of birth is 7/30/19. Price listed is for a pet only. She is being sold without b...


* Pure, Glistening White Munchkin Kittens with luminous Jewel-Like Eyes. * Absolute pure tenderness and sweetheart with a quiet, barely audible voice. * Personality responds to visual image. * This litter of "Munchkin Kittens" are extremely playful and loving as was imaged at about two (2) weeks of age. * Pure white with a short, smooth, close-lying coat * White Gem


Adult male. He has had vet care. He is ok with other cats and most adult or senior dogs under 40 lbs. He is not a fan of Children. He needs a quiet loving home that he can get attention, but not be smothered. A room to start off to get settled in is best. He is listed as a hypoallergenic breed. He is listed as low - no dander. low- no shedding. But Have notices a little shedding in the fall. He needs a home with a feline friend, does not do good as an only cat. He is Healthy No known health issu...


This special tri-colored rosetted boy has an outstanding facial expression, brilliant amber eyes, large structure and super loving nature! He has a slick, short and highly glittered coat with a muscular build, playful personality, loves people and is not shy with people or dogs. "Mr. Big" is a very large kitten for his age and has a wow factor. He will be outstanding when full grown! He will be on the larger side as far as Bengals go but will not require a special litter box. Fully litter box t...


This beautiful silver marble purebred female Bengal is being rehomed. Sadly, her owners who love her to pieces, are forced to find one of their two kitties another home because they are fighting and despite all time & efforts made, the fighting for territory persists. This girl is spayed and has been wonderful with her owners, loves belly rubs, is gentle and quiet in the house. Because she is very territorial with other cats, she must go to a home with NO other cats. I am a registered breeder bu...