Snipe Birds for Sale and for Adoption

There are no Snipe Birds for Sale and for Adoption

It doesn't look like there are any Snipe Birds for Sale and for Adoption that match all of your bird search criteria. My Pets Cloud has a lot of birds listed for sale or for adoption on but some breeds/locations might be a rare find. You might get a better luck if you broaden your search.

Recently Added Birds for sale or adoption

Baby green/blue quaker is ready to go home. Hand fed and handled. Hatch date 5/29/17 Located in Corinth N Y. Price $250.00 plus tax. I DO NOT DELIVER


I have 11 babies available now and 2 gender bred males for breeding. Most babies are gender bred males. All weaned babies are on a diet of Zupreeme fruit blend pellets (cockatiel size), Higgins egg food, and fresh organic fruits and veggies. They have cuddlebone in cage at all times and they are trained to drink from a water bottle which keeps down bacteria. I ship to the USA only and perform DNA testing, both at buyer's expense. If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list, please...


54 /Awaiting lovly macaw birds coming contact us on 912 x 333 x 85 x 03 for more pics


19 coming sweet pair of Blue and Gold Macaw Reday Contact me Via 912 x 333 x 85 x 03 for more infos


I have three canaries - just weaning now. I think the darker yellow one is sold. One is light olive with a yellow cast to the breast; one is light yellow and white; one is yellow. Trout Lake, WA.


Incredible cuddly baby macaws. Very very tame excellent with children and other pets. Lucky family will have him as lots of time and love has gone into his hand rearing.text at (678) xx774xx 9510. Hand reared Hand tame Blue and gold Male/female macaws & is rung Comes with free cage,toys and food Will ONLY sell if you have a positive family . Proof is needed text at (678) xx774xx 9510. No offers No breeders No time wasters text at (678) xx774xx 9510.


Hand reared baby African grey parrot being hand reared by text at (678) xx774xx 9510. ourselves we have many years of experience in hand-rearing they are being hand reared in a busy family atmosphere with children they are silly tame lovely birds very easy to handle very placid will go to anyone very playful personalities they been closed rung and and dna sexed they are been weaned on fresh fruit mix and pellets viewing highly recommended. text at (678) xx774xx 9510.


Selling my Umbrella Cockatoo, Got him almost 3 months ago. He's an amazing bird, so energetic and talkative. The previous people that own him said he had been a plucker with them and the lady before them, but when I got him I changed his diet from a just safflower diet to the pellet, seed and fresh fruits and veg and he looks much better than when I first got him. I bought him on a whim but didn't fully understand the commitment you have to have for a big bird, and I'm going to be going to coll...


Hi I have a mature male Eclectus he is very big the biggest it can Get. He's Heath and feathers in excellent condition.Text/call 928xx 660 xx6452 for more details..


Absolutely adorable, hand feeding babies, so sweet and trying to make sounds already. These babies will be Great Talkers! Health Guaranteed. Boys and girls available. All babies are DNA tested. my adult birds all speak quite well! I provide care, training, nutrition, and behavior information to all prospective buyers. I will ship or you can come pick up. My babies are now on sale, (405) 633-3510 contact me via text for quick and fast responds thanks