Parakeet Birds for Sale and for Adoption

I have three parakeets that I am looking to rehome. I had two, then one passed away from natural causes and I felt bad for the remaining bird so I bought her a friend. They had a baby due to a mistake on my part (leaving nesting materials in the cage) and so now there are three. They are not hand tame but are very silly and love each other and love to rip apart toys and wood. The female had a very rough time when the baby was born due to being a little too old for the hard work it takes to raise...


We have two male budgies hatched on February 15th 2019 (Green) and February 17th 2019 (Grey). They were sat on by their mother and hand-fed by us until four weeks. The boys are very sweet and easy to handle; they are learning a few songs and will likely be good talkers like their father. The boys' father is a dark factor opaline and their mother is a Blue spangle. $60 for both. Must go together. Contact us for more pictures or information.