Birds for Sale and for Adoption

For Sale: 8 Parakeet /Budgies. 8 to 9 weeks old. Out of 2 different clutches. 4 male & 4 female. ALL 8 for $80. Located in Marion County, WV


For Sale: 2 Pairs of Cockatiels. DNA SEXED PAIRS. 14 to 16 months old. Proven breeders. Just finished raising 1st clutch of babies. One pair is Whiteface Male paired with Lutino Female $300. a PAIR. The other pair is Whiteface Male paired with Whiteface Female. $300. a PAIR. Located in Marion County, WV.


Baby African Grey's just ready to go now Fully weaned onto seeds and fruits Has a lovely tame nature Been hand reared by both female and male so is used to both types of company!Comes with cities and sexing certificates and is also closed rung Comes with a travel carry case etc May be able to deliver


He is 10yrs old! He used to be tame but with my busy schedule needs someone to spend more time with him and work with his training! He is a beautiful bird with large vocabulary! He's a bird so expect him to be very loud and noisy! Cage does not come with the sale! Text for more information! He is available near Norwich Ct.


Around a year old Quaker parrot (not been sexed guessing it's a male) comes with big cage and small cage rehome fee $400 He does try to talk and can be held.


Proven pair of SLYC (sex-linked yellow cheek) heavy pied male & Lutino female split to SLYC pied. Approximately 3 years old.


Beautiful baby African greys for sale, both been fully weaned onto fruit and seed and come with cities and sexing certificates! Have been hand reered since birth and are used to female and male contact!