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African Grey Hand Fed Babies Characteristic,,,,, Companion, Cute, Exotic, Fancy, Handfed, House Trained, Pet, Playful, Quiet, Singing, Talking, Tame. The king and queen of conversation, Congo Greys are so well known as intriguing and delightful pets that they don’t need any introduction. Beautiful, sweet, outgoing, intelligent, great talkers & lovable. Handfed super cuddly raised in our home. Babies are pulled from nest at day 10 so they are super bonded to people. Call/Text...


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Four gorgeous Pearl/Pied hand fed, weaning cockatiel babies will be available in the next week. They are being hand tamed and have been introduced to children of all ages as well as other bird breeds, large and small dogs and are handled regularly. You can also view them and videos and photos of our other birds on our Facebook page "Trotterville Farms & Aviary"




Three BABY Budgerigars looking for homes! These three sweet babies (around 7-9 weeks old) are looking for suitable homes and good owners. Each of them have been raised by their two good parents, but they haven't been handled at all. Which means they need more contact to get comfortable. They will not allow me to touch or pick them up because they weren't handled much in their prematurity. Keep in mind that these birds require lots of care and buying them because they're "cute and tiny" DOESN'T...


Citron Cockatoo with cages to Good Home Only. Had him 34 years and can't take him with me where I am moving. Broken Hearted. $900.00


African African Grey Congo Parrot - looking for caring family. Very friendly , affectionate female Congo about 1 year old looking for a family who may give her the attention, play time, stimulation and lot of love she deserves. She is banded. Beautiful feathers, red tail and all feathers perfectly groomed.Contact or text us via,512xx790xx017.


Text us via 804XX723XX6155 Hi I have female African Grey parrot. She is 6 months old, hand reared, very tame and friendly bird, never bites loves children. She started saying 'hello' 'bye' 'I love you' . Very active during the day, she is quiet during the night.


CGDGDGGC((((((((%%%))%555%55 Blue And Gold Macaw Parrots Readyyy Now Available.Text (720 x460-x0991 for more details and pictures


Beautiful Blue and Gold macaw is available.TEXT (9-3-8) 22-3 X 01-90 ..Our babies are stunning they are super clever