Conure Birds for Sale and for Adoption

Beautiful Green Cheek Conure babies, Handfed, DNA tests available, Cinnamon, Pinapple and Normal . They are very intelligent and can learn to talk. They are hand raised with tender loving care. I do not ship but meeting you part way might be possible for a small added fee. Prices vary from $300 to $375 depending on colors. Please leave number where I can contact you.


I have a young Conure (under a year) for sale. He is very active, hand friendly and has started to talk. He says "hey baby" very clearly. He also says other words that I have made out yet. He can fly short distances around the house, but is barely growing in his tail feathers. He is a very trainable bird and likes to be out of his cage. He has a very funny personality. We don't have enough time to spend with him and would like him to go to a home that can give him the attention he needs. Price i...


I have a bonded pair of conures that i unfortunately have to re home. I don't have the time to spend with them anymore and i would rather they go to a good home who is willing to spend more time with them and work with them. They will also come with a large cage as i would have no use for it without the birds. Pictures are from a while ago, I will try to get updated ones.


I unfortunately need to rehome this sweet sun conure. He is about a year and a half, DNA certified Male. I've done some basic clicker training, flight training (his wings are unclipped), target training, as well as some basic tricks like step up and spin on queue. My sister bought him from Petsmart in January of last year when he was about 2 months old. We have been living together, but at the end of our lease in October I am moving to Korea and she is moving in with her boyfriend who refuses to...


I have a beautiful Crimson Bellied Conure. They are pretty rare. Great bird and easily handled. He steps up nicely and talks. He says "Good boy". He was DNA tested and banded from his breeder. He is about 5 months old and his red chest hasn't come in. He will come with a cage that has a perch and bowls on the top, 6 stainless steel bowls, some perches (different wood, rope, one for nails) and some toys, as well as millet, Roudybush, Higgins Seed mix (told to mix in with pellets from breeder) ca...


Rehoming our Pineapple Greek Cheek Conure to the right home. She is 15 months old. We have had her since she was a hand raised baby. She says a few words. She is very sweet and cuddly. She lies on her back in my hand and in my lap. She sleeps on her back in a fleece bed in her cage. She is potty trained! She loves myself and my husband and does well with grandchildren and other visitors. She comes with a large cage with a night cover, a t-stand, potty stands (yes she is potty trained!) lots and...


Sin is a 1 1/2 year old dusky conure. She has been DNA tested and is a girl. She was hand rise and is tame. She comes with her cage, toys and some food. She is healthy and a very happy girl. She has [censored] but still gets around just fine. Asking a rehome fee. $300 Bakersfield CA


Baby crimson bellied conures, 16 and 18 weeks old. Great birds, really developing into their own. they were hand fed and weaned and after 12 weeks and then sent to me. Can no longer care for them, and would like to sell them each at $500., or as a pair at a great price of $900., firm. I am not sure of [censored] of either of them. This is the third time I have tried posting this ad, and the previous two, exactly the same, were flagged and removed. I do not know what is going on, as I am as hones...


Beautiful babies being hand fed and handled will soon be ready to go home. Hatch date beginning 7/19/17. These birds are beautiful as they get older their bright red vest comes in. Now taking deposits to hold. Get in contact to come visit and pick out your new best friend. Price $375.00 plus tax [censored] unknown Located in Corinth N Y 12822


Sweet baby green cheeks being hand fed and handled will soon be ready to go home. Hatch date beginning 7/22/17 Now taking deposit to hold. Get in contact to set a time to come pick out your new best friend. They are not tested so I do not know the sex. Price $250.00 plus tax Located in Corinth N Y 12822