Cockatiel Birds for Sale and for Adoption

Comes with cage, some food, bowls, toys, can whistle part of the Andy Griffith theme song, cat call, and whistle like you're calling for a dog.


COCKATIELS-Menagerie Birds FOR SALE!! I have over 50 well raised Cockatiels for you to choose from, many sweet adorable faces! :) Mostly Albinos, Lutinos, & Pieds, with a few Pearl, Greys, White-faces & mixed birds. Most are very hardy, they are all out door raised and most have beautiful thick feathering. None are hand fed, these are wild birds and will need a ton of tender loving care and patience and hours of socialization. So much fun! ;) A few are very friendly but most are agressive and b...


Available sweet house 2-cockatiels-for-sale-male-female-with-cage-for a good home and family


8 baby cockatiels Colors available : Albinos, pearl white faced, cinnamon white faced Being hand fed so they will be so very sweet. $ 99.99 fee They are going to make amazing pets!!


Four gorgeous Pearl/Pied hand fed, weaning cockatiel babies will be available in the next week. They are being hand tamed and have been introduced to children of all ages as well as other bird breeds, large and small dogs and are handled regularly. You can also view them and videos and photos of our other birds on our Facebook page "Trotterville Farms & Aviary"




Baby cockatiel available it is a white-faced cinnamon pearl handfed and hand tame


Angel's Aviary We are back in full swing this summer with only the best hand fed and tame baby cockatiels raised in my very own back yard. We garentee the best cockatiels around. Lots of new birds added the the aviary this winter. Lots of babies coming. Please contact chris to get more information on availability. I will be happy to send pictures upon request Chris - 504-296-7809


A very handsome cockatiel looking for a kind forever home Text me now at 720 x 515 x 7452 really lovely calm gentle bird unexpectedly available


3 babies left. All very sweet pearl babies. Hatched early January 2017. They are eating and drinking on their own. Ready to join your family : )