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There are no Catbird Birds for Sale and for Adoption

It doesn't look like there are any Catbird Birds for Sale and for Adoption that match all of your bird search criteria. My Pets Cloud has a lot of birds listed for sale or for adoption on but some breeds/locations might be a rare find. You might get a better luck if you broaden your search.

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Looking for forever homes for my two macaws. Sammy is 2 and is semi tame, he talks, whistles, mimics and is a real character. He will take someone who knows about macaws to handle him. Once you’ve gained that trust he’s a lovely parrot. Coco is 2 and is supertame. She talks, whistles, mimics and is very friendly. She will go to anyone and let’s you stroke her. Both birds have been in an environment where there have been dogs, cats and children. They are extremely healthy and have only had the...


They are wonderful...nothing wrong with either bird.These two have always been friends. Recently, they're sharing a large cage together and it's working out quite well.


For quick respond do send us an email with your phone number attach on it for more details and pictures..


Hi there! I’m looking for a new home for my exceptionally lovely young Black Minorca Roo. Even though he is already getting pretty big, this guy is only 4 months old, hatched May 20th 2019! He’s going to be a big boy and just has lovely as he could be! He is so pretty with his white earlobes, and will defiantly stand out in your flock. His feathering is jet black with absolutely gorgeous iridescent green sheen…such a fancy guy for sure! He was hand raised with the rest of my “children” in my flo...


Beautiful Baby Blue And Gold Macaws....DNA [censored] CERTIFICATE CARRY CAGE PROVIDED CAN POSSIBLY DELIVER... For more information contact us now using my number on this number thanks.


Blue And Gold Parrots Now Ready For Sale Asap..... For more information contact us now using my number on this number thanks.


I have three parakeets that I am looking to rehome. I had two, then one passed away from natural causes and I felt bad for the remaining bird so I bought her a friend. They had a baby due to a mistake on my part (leaving nesting materials in the cage) and so now there are three. They are not hand tame but are very silly and love each other and love to rip apart toys and wood. The female had a very rough time when the baby was born due to being a little too old for the hard work it takes to raise...


I am currently hand rearing a blue and gold macaw that is hand reared in family environment silly time close ring with the hatching certificate extremely beautiful and highly intelligent lovely family pet to have 1st to see will buy call me if you’re interested no time wasters please thank you. Please note this baby is handled everyday! Delivery is also possible


Rocky is approximately 3 years old, I’ve had him for 2 years. He is my absolute world. He is fully flighted, he doesn’t “thrash” atlround due to him always being flighted. He’s such a baby for me, and I can do anything with him. He does prefer woman to men, but will let anybody stroke him through his cage.


Beautiful baby handreared African grey Just ready DNA [censored] certificate Cities certificate Carry cage etc provided Can possibly deliver