Birds for Sale and for Adoption in California

Blue and Gold Macaw Birds craving a forever home Blue Macaws Fully feathered and a lovely character.i'm rehoming my young parrot sized Macaw bird to a experience Macaw enthusiast that will appreciate her like a friend she mimics noises, whistles ,barks, even sings song like a sparrow She 1 years old, she loves dry or live worms, boiled eggs, peanuts, fruits, some types of seeds, kitty food, crushed walnuts, ETC. pretty much eats anything edible she loves baths has all complete feathers and to...


Sin is a 1 1/2 year old dusky conure. She has been DNA tested and is a girl. She was hand rise and is tame. She comes with her cage, toys and some food. She is healthy and a very happy girl. She has [censored] but still gets around just fine. Asking a rehome fee. $300 Bakersfield CA


lovely birds very easy to handle very placid will go to anyone very playful personalities they been closed rung and and dna sexed they are been weaned on fresh fruit mix and pellets viewing highly recommended and call Or text 313 x 447 x 1784


Beautiful Parrots Eclectus Seeking For New Homes.Wonderful companions,very devoted,they talk in full sentences and human voices.They are totally unique in the parrot world (661)xx450x8197 please Text or Call.. For more inquiries and Pictures..Thanks


Excellent Greater indian hill mynah birds For more info and pics text #(938) 223 X 01-90


Beautiful, tame male and female Congo African Grey, good talker, not selective when it comes to people. To be considered please include your bird experience. Fee is firm. Giving him up due to my job and working condition contact by (405) 633 3510


Beautiful, and fed, tamed 1 year old blue ad gold macaw. Is very healthy and has all of its feathers. Very friendly and NEVER bites. Very playful, learning how to talk and loves spending time with its owner.


are less nervous around new surroundings and has a more inquisitive behavior by nature. In fact, when it comes to being able to learn to talk. Pmms here +==-- # x # x 682) x 593 xx 1928 ++=


items that you can give to them are sprouts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and commercial pellets. You can also share some of the nutritional foods that you consume with your bird. A cuttlefish bone or a calcium block should be a good source of calcium for your pet. Pmms here +==-- # x # x 682) x 593 xx 1928 ++=++


They do have the ability to say words and mimic our speech and They are prone to plucking and chewing their feathers if not treated properly and taen care of. able to repeat words and phrases after hearing them just once or twice. This bird have reaches full talking ability at the moment, directly for more details and pics.. at # 682 xx593 xx1928 #