Budgerigar Birds for Sale and for Adoption

Meet Sapphire. She is a beautiful blue budgie who needs to be re-homed. She isn't very noisy, but she loves it when you talk to her. She'd make a great companion for someone who doesn't want to have a lot of physical interaction with a bird. She would also make a great companion for another bird. She was not hand fed, so she continues to be afraid of people. I think with some training and time she might warm up. She isn't very noisy and she is acclimated to go outside on warm days and enjoy the...


Three BABY Budgerigars looking for homes! These three sweet babies (around 7-9 weeks old) are looking for suitable homes and good owners. Each of them have been raised by their two good parents, but they haven't been handled at all. Which means they need more contact to get comfortable. They will not allow me to touch or pick them up because they weren't handled much in their prematurity. Keep in mind that these birds require lots of care and buying them because they're "cute and tiny" DOESN'T...


Lots of baby budgies now in,8 weeks old,the perfect age for starting to tame them.Cocks and hens available.Text or call (928)xx 660xx 6452 for more details if interested.


English Budgies are home raised in a clean healthy environment with love, quality care and experience. Most of my birds are handled so that they get used to human contact early on. I do not ship but meeting part way or delivery may be possible. I also raise other birds such as Linnies and Parrotlets. Price varies by breed and color.