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Blue and gold dna sexed female macaw Text/Call Number..................(720) 515-7452 Hatching certificate 2000 I’ve only owned her a few days but. Unfortunately she’s distressing my son, purchased from a pet shop, I have receipts, she’s a brand new large cage and toys included, 4 weeks free insurance I’ve not yet registered, she does let u stroke her, hand feeds from my 9 years old, I’ve heard her say hello, hello molly, barks like a dog and was told she’s used to being able to roam free, sad...


male and female Cute and Lovely African Grey Parrots For Sale very well trained and would love to be a worm buddy with an excellent personality both at home and outdoors they are wonderful when it comes to fun and speeches if you are looking for a perfect home pert you just found the right one for your home text through the details on the pictures thanks [email protected] (915) 209 1310


Ten year old DNA tested Female in excellent feather. Breeder or experienced handler, she bonds only to males.


2 pairs of scarlet macaw parrots fully weaned. Friendly birds. Great pets Super handraised for more info and pics, text (802) xx 342 xx 51 32 for more info


for more info and pics, text (802) xx 342 xx 51 32 for more info Body Length: 2 to 2-1/2 feet (0.6-0.7 m) Wingspan: 5-6 feet (1.5-1.8 m) Weight: 3-9 pounds (1.2-4 kg)


Gorgeous proven pair of Red Stella Lories. Unusual color. Friendly and playful. $1800 for the pair.


pair scarlet chested parakeets, young adults. Pick up only. Located in 12822


2 male parrotlets. Young adults, not tame. Pick up only. $75.00 each or the 2 for $125.00


African Grey Parrot, 20 years old, female, lays eggs, sits them. She is picked. She has been with us since a baby. Need to rehome because of husbands COPD. Talks but is not handleable.


African grey parrot comes good feather condition and great flyer. One of the best talkers you’ll here never stops all day argues in 2 different voices says he’ll kiss kiss what you doing go away and loads more burps farts laughs like human overall brilliant talker must warn also swears but can be forgotten if not repeated. He does prefer women over men but with time can overcome that. Cage n toys all included.